It’s Not Cool to Play With Concussions

Life can be dangerous. Accidents and injuries happen to everyone, regardless of how many precautions the victims take. Individuals who are involved in high-risk occupations or who engage in high-risk hobbies are more likely to experience an accident. When an accident occurs, it is important that individuals receive medical treatment.

A concussion occurs when the head impacts a solid object hard enough to overwhelm the standard cushioning effect of cerebrospinal fluid and cause an impact to the brain. This impact causes light damage to the brain. Symptoms vary, but they can include physical, cognitive, and emotional issues. The most common causes of concussions among adolescents include sports injuries and bicycle accidents.

A concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury. As with any brain injury, victims should receive prompt medical attention.

According to two Houston accident lawyers, individuals who experience concussions must receive treatment for two key reasons. The first reason is to treat the initial instance and prevent a recurrence of the injury. The second reason is to rule out more serious problems.

Treating Concussions

Treating concussions is relatively simple. Individuals who experience concussions need rest and to avoid mentally or physically strenuous activities for a time after the concussion. When individuals appear to be recovering, they may progress to slightly more strenuous activities. With simple rest and relaxation, concussions usually resolve themselves within seven to ten days.

Concussions can lead to long-term issues in individuals who are not careful. Victims who suffer from one concussion and receive another injury a short time later can experience a fatal complication known as second-impact syndrome. Repeated concussions may result in cumulative damage, including memory and psychiatric disorders. For the best outcomes, individuals who suffer from a concussion should take care to not be hit again.

Single concussions are almost never fatal. However, more serious injuries can have similar symptoms to concussions.

Hidden Problems

A visual and tactile assessment of an injury can be misleading. Some seemingly minor injuries can result in significant internal injuries, long-term nerve damage, and joint problems.

In the case of a concussion, what may seem to be a mild concussion may involve a subdural hematoma, where a blood vessel tears in the brain causing blood to pool in the skull. This causes increasing pressure on the brain. If the injury is left untreated, this can be fatal. Subdural hematomas are often caused in the same manner as a concussion, as the rapid movement of the brain causes damage to small veins.

Ruling out more serious injuries is a key reason for seeking medical treatment following a possible concussion. Serious brain injuries should be treated quickly. This often entails seeking medical attention for a concussion. Individuals must not allow severe pressure to build up in their skulls before seeking treatment.

When an individual experiences a brain injury, he or she should receive care from a competent medical professional. Brain injuries are not something that an individual can walk off or dismiss as a passing concern, and a mild impact can mask serious consequences. Individuals who ignore concussions can aggravate the symptoms, and individuals who are injured while recovering from a concussion can die. A hospital trip and a short recuperation period can save families and victims from more severe consequences.